Black Friday limited time offer!

Happy holidays and happy thanksgiving!

I wanted to offer a rare opportunity for the Black Friday shoppers out there!
I usually do not offer my color commissions in pastel, only oil. However for a guaranteed delivery by Christmas, I will be offering 9″ x 12″ custom commissions in pastel for $150.

Several works of my pastels can be seen on my website as well as on my Facebook fan page.

I will only be taking in 10 orders.

Please share this post if you know of other animals lovers looking to get an immortalized portrait of their furry friend.

Gift certificates are of course available as well!!
Feel free to click on the link above or on mY website

Enjoy the holidays and each other!! Email me if you would like to claim your spot!


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About gianchiglia

Bio Andrea Gianchiglia graduated from the Hartford Art School receiving her BFA in illustration with a minor in art history. She teaches at various art centers such as the Visual Art Center of NJ, Somerset Art Association, and conducts private lessons out of her studio in Bedminster. Andrea has had both individual and group shows throughout New Jersey and the tri state area, along with various juried shows where she has won several awards for her specialty, animal portraiture. She is available for both personal and commercial commissions. SHe is also a member of the Society of Animal Artists and the Salmagundi Club. Feel free to visit her website at Artist Statement While growing up I was surrounded by dogs, cats and other small companions who inspired my love for animals. They never judged me and always gave me their unconditional love. I remember especially our dog Kane, a rottweiler, whose love for our family was the inspiration that lead me to specialize in animal portraiture. It is my way of paying him back for all the joy he brought to my life. It’s a real pleasure to receive a call from another animal owner who wants to honor a living pet, or commemorate a beloved companion with a portrait that captures the essence of their personality. My representational realistic style allows me to create a true reflection of their pet’s personality. Working with mostly pencil, charcoal, and oil paints, I strive to reproduce each play of light on the animal’s face, in it’s eyes, or on its coat until I have achieved a true likeness. My goal is to reflect the animal’s personality in a composition that gives it the respect and honor it deserves.
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4 Responses to Black Friday limited time offer!

  1. gusandboobear says:

    Andrea, I sent you an email letting you know that I was interested in having a portrait of Gus done. I have not heard back from you so am assuming that you had already gotten your 10 orders you offered at a special rate. If this is not the case and you are able to do the portrait at your special rate, please let me know and I will send you some pics of my boy. Thanks. Karen Moffett

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