Summer Specials and Mid Year Sale!!!


Happy Summer!

This year has been quite a crazy one so far, one of the happy perks has been finding out I will be  a parent come October! FAll is usually when I  take on  a ton of commissions, which I will try my best to do but  I wanted to still suggest to people to get their  holiday and fall orders in  now to avoid  any rush, on both ends!

For the first time Im offering my  Mid year sale through A super secure site, where i Have  sold work before. Everything is priced, and safe to order online. I have also included  a summer special or two.


Im offering for the first time my colored pencils as a commission medium option. I am also offering my pastel commission option which if you weren’t lucky enough to  grab last  holiday season, here is your chance!

My colored pencil Custom Commission option is for a 9″ x 12″ piece, subject of your choosing. The retail  for this is $300 but for a limited time you can get it for $250.00.

My pastel custom commission is  for a 9″ x 12″ piece, subject of your choosing. Retails for $225, and sale price of $175.

Orders can be made through  using the  listing i created. If you find the listing is already bought, please notify me via and I can set another one up  or you can pay me directly.

This sale is important as all proceeds will go straight into my husbands and I’s baby fund which will help  with the hospital bills.

Thanks again  everyone for being amazing followers of my art! I truly appreciate it. If there are  any other pieces you have sen  me post  on my page that aren’t listed there  please msg me.




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