Whats new this summer 2014….

So this summer has been a nice mixture of just about everything. Summer camp at the VIsual Art Center of New Jersey has been in full swing since early July and has been keeping me super busy. Fall classes are ready and available for registration as well at both of the facilities I work at. HEre are the links to their sites.
Visual Art Center of New Jersey
Center for Contemporary Art

You can find allthe classes and workshop i am offering on my website under the classes area.

I offer many classes for all age groups in both evening and morning/afternoon time slots. I work in all mediums, so remember if there is a class that you would like to take but doesn’t mention a particular medium, remember you can always work in any medium in any of my classes!

I hope to see you in the Fall!

As for other news, I just finished up a commission, which will be delivered on wednesday. Cant wait to show the owners in person!
Here is a picture of it. ITs about 20 x 20 and in pastel on pastelmat paper.

Pastel 20"x2 0"

With a non art note, I have officially hit my third trimester! The second was fun, and started to get my bump. Our trip to register at Babies R Us was overwhelming, but good all in all. Here is a recent photo my husband took from last weekend.
28 weeks

Thats all for now! Follow my facebook for more updates!

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