‘Fall’-ing back into a routine…

So if you haven’t heard the past couple of months has been  a tad busy for me! Its now September, and fall classes are  now open for enrollment. Make sure not to wait till the last minute and get stuck paying a late registration charge! Check out all my classes offered on my website here. Im super excited to get back into the swing of things!

The past several months I have been  teaching  summer art camp  at the Visual Art Center of NJ, which I dearly love, chasing around a super active crawling baby, and preparing for a trip out to Colorado to film an online  painting class which will be launched toward the end of October . I just  came  back last week from the west and wow!

First off, Denver is amazing. I think if  cities were like that everywhere I would definitely visit them more often. Very different than the hustle of NYC. It matched me perfectly. The hotel was the most artsiest-retro (is that a word?) type I have ever encountered. check it out!

The curtis hotel bathroom reminders :) retro boardgames gone decor! giant connect four anyone?

As for the filming, it was hard but so fun!  My crew was amazing, and they really helped me channel my inner Bob Ross and you know how important that is! After hair and make up, who wouldn’t feel amazing? I can’t reveal what the class is about or any other details but stay  tuned  for the link and info to be able to  buy my class online in just a matter of weeks!!

Action! ! ok there is a hint here....
Action! ! ok there is a hint here….

11952041_10153005268401363_2795451221656981819_n 11990617_10153008765971363_4991720331745000146_n 11988384_10153004226451363_9140368878868591197_n

Hope to see you all in my fall semester classes at the Visual art center of NJ. or the Center for Contemporary Art, OR on my new online class!!! Stay tuned.

One thought on “‘Fall’-ing back into a routine…

  1. Your bio portrays your journey in the world of art as an animal portraiture and your passion and love for all animals.

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