Brrrrr… Its cold outside!

Ah, the month of February. Yes, the month of love etc ( which by the way Happy Valentines day) but a month of chilly cold, at least here in New Jersey!

With the winter hopefully ending sooner rather than later, here are a few ideas to keep your motivation going till Warm weather arrives.

It has been an honor being asked to teach my online ‘Art of Painting Horses class through (shh.. heres a special 15 dollar off link), but if you have already taken my class, or are curious about others, check out these!

If your a painter and are curious about color mixing, check out How to Mix Acrylics confidently!” by Carol McIntyre.

Another fun class is this Cake creating class. Wow what a cool work of art  cake can make! Check out “Sculpting Adventure” with Heather Sherman. 

If you would rather stick to in person workshops, Heres a list of some upcoming ones I’m offering at both locations I teach at.

“Perspective for the Petrified” at the Center for Contemporary art  March 11th 2016, 9:30-2:30

“The Art of Gouache” At The Center for contemporary art March 18th, 2016 9:30-2:30

Also Im teaching a “Color Theory” class at The Visual Art Center of NJ on March 6th, 2016 from 10-4. All materials provided.

Till next time STAY WARM!



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