Commissioned Art

This page  is meant to give a  bit more information  on private commissions. Below are some frequently asked questions and  other tidbits to help  understand the process of a commission, as well  as what make a  great piece of art.
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Q: What  if  my  pet is deceased,  Do you  do  memorial  portraits?
A: Yes,  I definitely do memorial commissions. I will use any reference photo or item you have to create  a life-like depiction of your pet.

Q: How  is the payment  handled?
A: I  require a deposit  of half the  total to begin.  The  rest is  due upon completion. If the  artwork needs   to be shipped,  an extra shipping fee is added once configured.

Q: If I have two pets, do I need to photograph them together?
A: No, it is best to take single photos of each pet. You can focus  in  on each animal more  therefore  showing more detail. I can compose them together in the drawing or painting in anyway  desired.

Q: Will my photos  be returned?
A: Yes. All photos you give to me will be returned with the portrait.

Please CONTACT ME for any questions you might have about commissioning an original drawing or painting!

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