Upcoming Workshops!

I have  three  upcoming  Adult  art workshops in  May/June.  Check them out! This Sunday, May 22, I will be teaching a Color Theory  3  hour  workshop at the  Visual Art Center of NJ. Course Description- This workshop will allow students to understand how color works by isolating warm and cool colors, understanding complimentary colors, and … More Upcoming Workshops!

A Work In Progress

This  was  a  demo  I  had  done  week  ago  for  my animal portraiture  class.  It  is  a  Pastel drawing of  a close  up of a horse’s  face. I  enjoyed this  piece  because of  all the  hidden bits of purple in  its  shadow   areas. The first  step was  to  sketch out  the drawing first. I … More A Work In Progress

Tasha – aka Fatty

So  I  began   my  demo  and  completely  forgot   to  take a  few  pics  before  this  stage.  My  fault,  but  at least I remember  from this  point  on!  SO  with  this  sketch  I  drew  right on the  art spectrum pastel paper. This  sketch  was  a  bit less  complex  since  Tasha was  just  one  big … More Tasha – aka Fatty