Some new updates for the season…

Its official!  Im happy to  say   after  a long  and strenuous process Im  finally a homeowner! In celebration,  I had mentioned in  an  earlier  blog  that I  will be offering a  20%  discount on  all commission, prints,  existing artwork, gift certificates and more.  his deal will only  be until  Thanksgiving.  Take  advantage of  it … More Some new updates for the season…

Meet Loui

This was a recent holiday commission  of  this  cute little  boston terrier. He was  such a  fun dog to  meet!  I  had never  met  a dog  that  ran around and chased his own shadow!  The cutest thing ever.  Anyhow,  here is  the  final product, a 5″ x 7″ graphite drawing.  Enjoy!


So  its after the holidays  and I  can  finally post  some of  my holiday  commissions.  Here is  one of them. This is Kirby! A graphite drawing, 8″ x 10″. Kirby’s owner also  wanted me to  add  a collar  on  him with a favorite  team. Enjoy!  

Cadbury and George

Here  is a recent commission  I had  of Cadbury and George. George (the  black lab on the left) is  blind, and  Cadbury, the  one on the right,  is  kinda like  his  seeing eye  dog. I loved drawing this one  for a dear friend,  and the expressions  on these guy’s  faces  were  fun to figure out! … More Cadbury and George